Two Types of Weather That Quickly Damage Residential Roofs in Denver

Part of the appeal of living in Denver, for many residents, is the weather. Clear skies and pleasant days are common, with plenty of other types of weather livening things up.

Homes throughout Denver and beyond need to be protected from inclement weather if they are to remain in excellent condition. In every case, having a properly maintained roof is a cornerstone of keeping any home safe. Knowing when to call for roof repair, and what kinds of weather events might necessitate it, will be useful for any area homeowner.

Mother Nature Can Quickly Do Significant Damage to Roofs

A home’s roof is its first and most important line of defense against the elements. Properly installed roofs can provide many years of service under normal conditions, but problems can still arise. Two of the kinds of weather that most often cause Roof damage denver residents will need to address are:

Hail. Chunks of ice falling from the sky can land with surprising force. Some hailstones can be as large as golf balls, and they pick up speed and energy with every foot they drop. A single unfortunately placed hit from an especially large piece of hail can damage a shingle or another part of a roof. With some hailstorms causing thousands of impacts to a given home, the toll can mount up quickly. While not every shower or storm will be a cause for concern, being ready to react to Hail Damage to Shingles when the need arises will always be advisable.

Wind. High winds can be every bit as damaging as hail, and they can cause harm to roofs in at least a couple of ways. Strong enough winds can rip off loose shingles, with even slight lapses in maintenance allowing such problems to crop up. Stiff winds can also throw chunks of debris onto roofs that can be even more harmful, even to the point of breaking through the underlying layers. As with problems caused by hail, when it comes to wind damage denver, residents will always be well advised to arrange repairs right away.

Staying Alert and Ready to Respond to Roof Problems Pays Off

Even a small amount of roof damage can end up turning into a far larger problem if it is not addressed quickly and effectively. As soon as a home’s roof has been breached, moisture can seep through and start causing damage. As a result, it will always be prudent to be alert for signs of roof damage and ready to react appropriately when issues become apparent.


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